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O'Ello there! (hear my british-canadian-aussie-mixed accent)

You're now situated on the most visited page on this website so I suppose you're doing it purposely. You're going to get to know some stuff about me, my doggo, about this project, my vision and why I really do need just you to complete our (yes, our!) goals. And you can help even now, by subscribing my blog (no spams, guaranteed!!) on the very bottom of this page. 

Started from the bottom...

Now we here. I started with this blog in April 2015 and it used to be known as „Ježkovi voči“, which is an idiom we here in Czech say mostly when we're surprised (it's like „Merlin's beard!“ in Harry Potter movies...potterhead alert). It was supposed to be about my hedgie princess called Bubbles and how to take care about hedgehogs in general, but soon the website became something... messy, orderless, full of articles about everything, just hard to classify.

But everything changed in summer 2016 when I lived in Slovakia and joined a local dog shelter. This web just reorganized itself real quick and somehow, there was a dogblog with its own new domain, new name, new layout, new articles,... to be more specific just dog-related articles and I finally found the meaning of my life (no, really, I did!) And since then I've been posting articles, photos, tips and tricks and stories which I really hope are funny, entertaining and informative for all my readers, including you. 😊💙


I should probably introduce myself a wee bit too, as am I the only one author, wannabe graphic designer, writer and mum of this website. My name is Adéla (not to get confused with Adele, she doesn't sing that well... ha-ha 😐). I'm a 90's kiddo, I was born on a very hot summer day back in the 90s and before I had known how important dogs would be in my life, I used to play pretend to be one, barked and walked on my all four. Mental, isn't it? There are three dogs who left a paw-print on my heart and made my life a lot better. First, Ralf, a golden lab who we had when I was four. Second, Dinky, bichon bolognese, our family dog I got when I was eight and I learned a lot about being a dog owner with this one white fluffball. We used to attend agility competitions until he passed in my arms in September 2014. I didn't have a dog for very long two years until I joined already mentioned shelter where  Floki. I've been thinking since then... who rescued who? 😉 And Becky, Becky was my first shelter-dog experience. 

There's a plenty of dogs who have had a strong impact on my life. Basically every dog I helped to find a home for, or rescued somehow. My very first experience with helping a stray dog was back in Trnava, Slovakia. Someone just tied up a leash with a little fella to our fence and I found him. Even though he had to go to the mentioned shelter, I met his new owners who adopted him days later. They named him Timi and he's one happy dog now. Another case was with Bonbon (it means „candy“ in Czech). My friend just called me in December 2016 that she knew someone who wanted to kick him out of the house because they moved somewhere else and there was no space left for Bonbon. I grabbed a leash, a muzzle and went on a mission. I couldn't keep him because of Floki so even though he was placed to a shelter here in Prague, I still tried my best to find him a new loving home by sharing this post everywhere. Six months later, he found a home eventually, which made me very happy. I might as well find out someday who's his new owner now 😊. And the last but not least adventure was my and my ex-boyfriend's trip to Civita Castellana (Italy) to rescue an earless little puppy found in thrash. TL;DR: I found her a new loving family here in Czech and she's doing as good as she can 😍.

The meaning of this whole project / website isn't just about shelter dogs and that you shouldn't buy but adopt. Most of all, I want to share my experience and stories and, yes, also why it's really bad to support backyard breeders, what's pedigree (and why its use isn't just for dog shows) and why it's much better to adopt from shelters and foster homes or buy from official kennels / breeders than from unknown people who offer their dogs on suspicious websites. 

I also love to travel and I want to make our (I mean mine and Floki's) lives more adventurous and show people that it really is possible to lowcost travel with a big dog. On this page, I share my experiences and stories from our adventures. 

My posts are for kids such as for adults who are interested in dogs or getting one. I'm planning on translating the most read posts to English language as well and I hope that it'll help to expand my community here and readers. And I can do this all also because of YOU. Because of you visiting my page, you reading my articles, you subscribing to my web, you commenting on my posts, even you sharing my posts on your social media (💙!!!) and I just could not do it without YOU, you reading this now. And even if my posts should help one shelter dog to get a family or one person would change their view on backyard breeding, this whole project called oh my dog, would have a purpose. 


Floki is my *2016 neutered woofer I adopted from a shelter back in August 2016. He's a mix of german shepherd and a devil's child. He comes from Vsetín dog shelter that's on the whole other side of the Czech Republic and yeah, I remember spending about ten hours in car and I don't regret any minute of it, any minute of having him by my side, even though it hasn't been always easy. It was actually the best choice in my life and just as I said, we rescued each other 💙.

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